Monday, December 20, 2010

Meet me Monday!

Do you regift...and if so, do you have a re-gifting horror story?
No I don’t re-gift. The reason being is that a few years back both sides of my family did a gift exchange.  My aunt (only by blood not by anything else) gave me a cookie jar, I love snowmen so I thought for the very first time in my life that she gave me a gift. I opened it with this small feeling of exceptance from the aunt that never really seemed to give a shit about me.  I almost shit my pants when I say a gift tag, and the left over cookie crumbs. The note said 
to: Shitie Aunt  From: Your secret Santa Charlie.  My mom, Dad and hubs saw it, others in my family think I was making it up, that I wasn’t being truthful. Needless to say We don’t do the gift exchange on that side of my family. 
I guess I would think about re-gifting if it was A) a great gift. B) Neither party would know one another and ever be able to trace it back to being a re-gift. 

2. Do you know what you are getting for Christmas this year?
No...but I've already received the only thing I've ever wanted in life... Tune in for my Christmas eve blog post.

one year I was totally into Twin peaks, I had asked my parents to get me the long list of Twin peaks items, The Laura Palmer diary, the 50’s pleated skirt, a sweater that would go with the skirt, all the thought my mom put into these gifts and I opened the gift bags and saw all the gifts, but that Christmas morning I had to act surprised and the empty feeling was awful..... then my mom and Dad gave me a letter and inside it said we know you peeked but we still wanted to make it special. So we are taking you to all the places that the twin Peaks show shows us! So we got the cherry pie, see the falls! It was great. :) 
I never peeked again at anything! Also I got to say I love my surprise’s!!!

Who brings the most gifts in your family, you or Santa?
Well We do one gift from Santa to each of us, most of the time it is the big gift. 
We can’t wait until the day when there are chubby cheeked babies sitting around the tree! Hub’s and I both know that  nothing will be better than rising on Christmas morning, all bleary eyed and rumpled with sleep to watch our children ooh and ahh over their Santa stuff!!
Warms my heart just thinking about it!
4. What store do you love to by jeans from?
Well if I am on a budget then I will say Old Navy, or the Gap! I love their boyfriend jeans at the Gap or the Sweetheart jeans at Old Navy, If I have a gift card or my mom and Dad tell me that they are buying me some new clothes for my birthday, we go to Nordstroms and I get the JAG jeans and they are like wearing butter! & my butt always looks great! Not like a back with a slit in it. I have the flat butt all the women have on my Dad’s side of the family have! 
5. Christmas meal: Big, All Out Meal or Snacks and Apps?
Big meal. (Yes,Daddy’ O...that's my vote!)
Our Christmas Eve is a freakin' marathon of Christmas cheer! I love it! Starts with Chris and I having a big breakfast, then we start to make the rounds this year it will go to our close friends to drop off Cinnamon Rolls for them to enjoy Christmas morning. Then to my in laws for a quick hello ( we eat snacks here!) to that side of the family. 

Then the big extended clan comes over to a hall we have to rent because our family is that big!!!! We see Santa! He makes a stop for all the kids! This is where “Hubs” asked me to marry him. :)  ( WE EAT A POT LUCK DINNER HERE!!!!) 
Then we go to my Auntie Lisa’s house ( My Dad’s sisters house) where we do my Dad’s side of the gift exchange. ( we have snacks and we eat home made cheese cake!)
Christmas Day, my “Hub’s” working on Christmas morning this year, so I’ll stay in bed for as long as I can, so I don’t get tempted for opening my gifts. I will watch the Christmas day parade eating something that is in the fridge.  Later that day we will do dinner with my Parents and exchange our gifts. That night when its just the “Hubs” and I we will open our gifts. 

Even though it is a busy two days, it is what Christmas is all about, friends, family, food, gifts of laughter and fun! 

Happy Holidays! may this week be magical and full of moments that turn into wonderful memories. :) Check in Friday for my xmas eve post. 

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