Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Wishful Wednesday!

The Seattle Smiths.  Is a local based blogger.  I found her blog and feel in love. A young couple doing what "Hub's" and I are doing. Family, friends & blogging is something that we also have in common. She does a blog post weekly called Wishful Wednesday and I truly want to do something weekly that is a lot of fun.  So I am going to give it a try! Do me a favor and follow her and tell her Kingstongirl sent you! :)

                                                            This week I am Wishful for.........

That I would come into a windfall of money.
 So I would not have to wait any longer to start the IVF!
So we could have a baby 0r babies sooner. 
I know that the time will go fast.
I just feel like 
I have been waiting forever. 
My one wish that I have had my entire life, 
Is to hold my beautiful baby.
So that is it for this week, I wish to be able to share 
a picture like this one with all of you!

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You know what? You picked a fabulous name for your blog. Here in Australia, a Kingston is a yummy chocolate biscuit!

Anyway, have a happy New Year!