Sunday, January 23, 2011

Bad waitress!

Today we went to a new place for us, trying to put together a quick sit down meal that didn’t have a playground with golden arches. We decided to try this place call the Toad house. 
We pulled in and thought that it would be a nice place to try. I had gone there before with my parents almost a year ago. When I went there we had pizza. I thought at that time there were not good, but not bad. This made me think to try it again. 
“Hubs” and I walked into the door & were greeted about four minutes after we entered. The waitress looked like she was going to be a extra in the latest zombie movie.  Nameless waitress sat us down, put the menu down, walked away.  
Eight minutes later we got asked if we wanted to have something to drink. 
five minutes later she brought the diet coke and water, she then takes our orders.  40 minutes later our order came, we ordered two sandwiches, yes sandwiches!!!!!!  They were good except for the fact that they put five cups of mayo on it when I asked for no Mayo but I guess we would have to have a waitress  that acted like she gave a damn, not even coming back once to ask if we need anything else or bring refills for out drinks! 

So I will never go back here! I couldn't go to sleep tonight before I gave a review. People should always act like they have a food reviewer at each table. It is amazing why people that have a job in a public business that they should be happy and thankful in the time when jobs are so hard to come by to act like they are happy to be there! 

I am sure the owners of the Toad House is going to be pretty upset that because one of their employees 
not giving a crap O' La about their guests that come to enjoy their food, and for that two people with big mouths told ten people who told ten more people, and so on and so forth until the words has gone all over the place! 

So next time Zombie waitress put a smile on your face, check in with your tables and really act like you give a damn! 

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mandy said...

That's a bummer, I went there the first time it snowed last year and we had great service despite the threatening power outage. I had a male waiter and he was very pleasant.