Sunday, January 9, 2011

Shaving time at the airport!

You know that it is very hard to fly now a days. Crowds, lines, naked ex-rays. Well I wanted to give you a few friendly travel tips.  I love to travel ( Or I wouldn’t be a travel writerduh!)
So if you want to travel and do it a little fast start with going on a Tuesday or Wednesday  Airports tend to be less crowded on those days. What is even better is if you leave on a Saturday morning just by doing this you skim down 45 minutes. 
Like us in Seattle you should always check the smaller airports first. I always check the boeing Field. My sister in law who is one savy chick got a steal of a deal to fly out of Bellingham & Portland  is also a great smaller airport to fly out of. DOing this will help shave off the wait time saving you at least 30 minutes. Plus if you are a nut case like me you wont have to worry about missing the plane.  I get to the airport so early that most of the time I can hop a earlier flight! :) 
Print your boarding pass at home. This is the easiest way to travel. You can also almost have your hotel print them for you on your return home.  Now a days most hotels have a business center and you can do that all on your own. Saving you at 30 minutes! 
Avoid having to be naked body scanned by going through the first time with flying colors! ( not pun intended.)  Don’t wear a underwire bra and hair pins, even these littlest things can send  the bells ringing and hold you up and the countless number of people behind you!

Never ever wrap a gift in wrapping always make it easy for TSA to not hold you up.  I always put everything in zip lock bags. The lap top, cell phone, i-pod, cords all together in one, my camera & cell phone in another, & then the lap top can go in it’s own bin.  All this will save you about 15-20 minutes
Also another thing that “Hub’s” and I do is one of us will go first add all of our stuff in the same bins walk away and collecting the stuff and putting it in the right place!  Saving you about 5 minutes and the piece of you rear end the person will bite off for taking so long,  this way no one can run off with your things! Yes even TSa agent has been known to take a thing or two. 

Don't get a Cart to wheel around your stuff from one end of the airport to the other until you are through security! Also this is a great hint for your carry on. Now you get two things to carry, Have a husband and you have 3 1/2!  What I do is pack all the things you will need or want in two bags that will fit in the floor storage in front of you.. This way it is easy to grab.  In one bag I have any meds, food/snacks an extra diet coke that I buy after the security. Then the other one is filled with our digital readers, mags,  gum, laptop, camera for that on the plane pose we always have to do!  Chapstick,  You name it for entertainment. 

Well I hope that helps with your time shaving on jet setting! :)  Don't forget that you should always wear slip ons! :) 

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