Monday, March 21, 2011

Our stay at Hotel Vintage Plaza... the love affair continues....

9 1/2 years ago Hub’s and I went to Portland Oregon for our first time as a couple.  We were close to getting engaged and thought that getting away for a little romantic night would be a good thing for us to see if we could travel well together. This sparked our love to travel and a turning point in our relationship. “Hub’s” and I are always traveling. Going here or there trying new places exploring as many different North American places we can check off our been there done that list!  First on the top of the list is Portland.

As we started to drive more and more from Seattle the gas stations prices were getting higher and higher every time I past the gas station. $4.08 a gallon is more then milk, a case of diet coke, or a grande extra white chocolate mocha give me a break this sucks! If we had planned a little bit better the train would have been a great choice. Traveling from Portland to We then dropped by the bagel shop to grab a dozen along with some cream cheese, then a stop off at trader joe’s to go and get the picnic stuff. I like doing this because you can more then likely always have a room with a fridge. In case  we pack the cooler in the back seat. This always saves on the expense of eating out. which in Portland is always a food coma. 
So I decided that I needed to check out some digs in Portland I knew right away that I had to ask if we could check out another Kimpton property! You know my love affair with their hotels. My goal with the Kimpton hotels is to go to every single one of them! This is my dream and for the love I feel for this hotel I hope that they allow me to do so! ( *hint*hint*) We were told that this was the first Kimpton hotel that branched out of the San Fransico bay area. With that in mind as I looked around the hotel I could feel the bay area charm. 
Before we even made it to the hotel the front manager Ben emailed me to make sure that we were ready for our stay with them. We were greeted by the doorman dressed in theme, with their big smiles and warm welcome, they parked the car while we went to look around because our room wasn’t ready yet. ( It was 10:30 in the morning) When we came back our luggage was in the room and because it was our 10th anniversary together ( not married) they did a turn down service and had a bottle of  champagne & two glass waiting for our return. A very thoughtful thing to do.  These are the things that makes Kimpton stand out from other hotels. The attention to details that they show each customer that stays in their hotels feel, makes me question staying anywhere else. 
The boutique hotels that the Kimptons are known for is amazing and as always   their staff was absolutely wonderful. The lobby was warm and welcoming and a perfect place to hang out and enjoy their nightly wine tastings sharing and listening to wonderful stories from the other people that were staying there as well. We met one couple that was doing their travels from San Diego all the way to Seattle only staying at Kimpton properties. They had just left San Fransico, leaving very early that morning. It made me excited to be going there myself for us to enjoy a few of their properties in the bay area. I couldn’t be more excited. 
I highly recommend spending a little extra and book an Executive King Room.We stayed in their Deluxe King Guestroom feature custom furnishings in  shades of persimmon, cream and soft brown that create a contemporary, sophisticated atmosphere, yet not so contemporary that it isn’t relaxing.  Many rooms offer spellbinding city views,  pillow-top king-size bed, & a 37-inch flat panel LCD television, a work desk and chair, armoire with private bar and mini-refrigerator and as always the top of the line luxury bath amenities.  Our room didn’t have a view of the city but that of the hotel across the way,  I would have also loved to have a spa room and a little more wow! Not that this room wasn’t nice, I just wanted to try to experience what I have in Seattle at those hotels, they always seem to make the wow factor a one two punch. 
The next time I stay here these are the two places that I would have to stay in one of these rooms. The amazing and beautiful Starlight Guestroom. There are Nine of these type of rooms onsite this room is able to invite you to sleep under the stars!!!! The Conservatory windows overhead allow for stargazing from the comfort of your pillow-top queen-size bed. The Sleek modern furnishings make you feel like a celebrity. Although pets are not allowed in this type of room, this is still on my top ten list of rooms to stay in for traveling! Now if they could take me in to spend a night here my heart might just skip a few beats. 
Another room I would love to stay at is the Garden Spa Guestroom, 
there are only three of these special rooms in the hotel located on their 9th floor and include a pillow-top queen-size bed and 150-squarefoot outdoor cedar balcony with a 2-person chlorinated hot tub enclosed by a lattice privacy screen. I would love to sit in this hot tub with the “hub’s” while drinking one of Portland’s own micro brews and one of the wonderful Voodoo doughnuts and gazing out into the  skyline of the beautiful city of Portland. 
The location was amazing!!! The one thing I love when I stay places is to just park the car and walk everywhere else. This hotel made it possible for us to do this,  we could walk to everything, where ever you would like to go to. If you want to go someplace else that would be a little to far to walk you can hop on Portlands amazing transit system. I wish I could bottle it up and take it back up to Seattle with me, it would be nice to not have to own a car to get around they city area. 
 Onsite is the wonderful and highly award winning restaurantjust steps from the Vintage Plaza lobby, Pazzo. I honestly can't say enough great things about this place to eat at!!! They also give you a 30% off coupon for you to use while you are staying here to enjoy in Pazzo. Their menu brings together the Old World tradition with the rich and fresh foods of the Pacific Northwest. It has a stone wood-burning pizza oven that’s smells simply awaken your senses to the promise of a lovely and amazing meal.  That promise is kept with outstanding service and Chef John Eisenhart's creative food worthy coma. 
While we were there we enjoyed a few things on the fab menu, I had the GNOCCHI handmade potato pillows, wild boar sparerib ragú, with a side of yummy brussels sprouts and pancetta.  “hub’s” had the mouth watering RAVIOLI braised beef cheek-filled pasta, tangerine, black garlic along with the side of cardoncello mushroom sauté & a side of panissa, with truffle salt. It was a great experience and topped with bottle of a regional Italian white wine Friulano, a Le Vigne Zamo, Friuli, from 2008.  We didn’t have any room in our tummy’s for the desert menu so the next time we eat at Pazzo we will start with the desert menu first. 
 In addition to Portland's beloved Pazzo, you'll also find the casual Pazzoria Bakery & Café at Hotel Vintage Plaza. Pazzoria Bakery & Café is an authentic Italian café in the heart of downtown Portland. Let yourself be transported to Italy as you bite into Pazzoria's own artisan breads and pastries, made every day by hand. Treat yourself to, A mouth watering delicious variety of traditional Italian breakfast pastries perfect espresso drinks, freshly squeezed juices, Italian sodas, wine and beer. Whatever you are looking for this bakery has it for you.
We are so glad that we stayed at the Hotel Vintage Plaza it is still Green like all the other Kimpton Properties & just like their earth friendly ideas it makes me happy that  all their hotels care as much.   When I go back to Portland I will stay here, it is no surprise that my love affair continues......... Next time I will be bringing my "fur" babies with me, allowing us to experience the dog  friendly city that Portland is & the red carpet that the Hotel Vintage Plaza does for all their fur baby guests. My "Fur" babies deserve this!

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