Sunday, May 8, 2011

Purse for a good Paws!

I love my "fur" babies more then I think most people can understand. I have three shitzu's. Sophie is the oldest and the one that has been with me for every good time and bad time I have had. She lays with me when I am sick. Even when I'm mad at the world or the entire world is mad at me she is right there. She has a few health problems and watching her hurt is heartbreaking. 

Then I have Howie who is more like the real life version of Scooby doo! He never makes does anything like a dog more like a cat and he makes me laugh every day with his surfer boy attitude he makes life seem so easy! He sings to the song "Great escape" and follows me around the house at all times. 

Then there is Minnie, She came into our life last summer and she is so sweet, we got her when she was only a few weeks old. She was so tiny. We could fit her into our hand and just hold her there, making her be a cuddle-love lickie kissie mama's little girl. I just love love her and so does everyone we meet! Minnie is a big people "person." I love how sweet she is.  Because of my love for animals this is a cause that is a big part of my heart! I hope you will join me in helping raise funds for PAWS TOO! Look at all that they do!

 So with that being said, when I was told about this amazing event to help other fun babies and their families out there I decided that I had to get involved for this event! 
This is to help raise funds for a great local program Called PAWS. 
The Event is going to be held downtown Poulsbo at the wonderful 
Purse for the Paws
Sogno di Vino Restaurant. 
May 15th 2:00PM to 4:00PM!  
This is going to be a fun afternoon event! 

Aimed at women who love their girl time, drinks, and appetizers. 
Match that up with the love for animals & the love of Purses 
and you have an unbeatable combo to raise funds for PAWS!
Click on this Link to see a preview of the Purses. 

Proceeds from the silent auction of purses ad accessories are going to go towards the Hartstone spay/neuter fund, this fund provides assistance through PAWS to North Kitsap low income pet owners for pet sterilization and vaccines.  The program works through local veterinary clinics to offer minimal cost to  spay/neuter procedures that otherwise could be unable to be payable making it out of reach. 
A surgery that could run up costs would already be undoable with a family that can't afford to put food on the table half the time, would be unthinkable. 

With this program low income families fill out a PAWS financial assistance form at any vet or clinic or any of the food banks in Bainbridge, Poulsbo Kingston. Some questions need to be answered including proof of income and ownership of the animal.  This has been successful for over 35 years. A big bonus is the fact that it has already had a hand in helping reduce the local population of unwanted pets, but it also helps to control contagious and deadly diseases.

A big thank you to PAWS for their "Paw" in helping more then 250 local families with their pet sterilization's in 2010. This year in 2011 they have high hopes that, that number will be even higher.  Before all of this I was unaware that if this is unchecked local dogs and cats populations will skyrocket, with an average of six puppies per litter, babies then grow quickly then have puppies of their own. Then soon they are in the thousands! 

Now spicing up the venue for the fundraiser is the famous local best selling Author Susan Wiggs, the events lead sponsor and long time supporter of keep the pet population down through spay/neuter. For this fundraiser she cleaned out her very own collection of designer purses, that she has acquired.

Not only can you come and bid on one of her bags but on one of her best selling books that she has Autographed ad added to the gift bags!
This is so exciting for me to come and meet her! 

What a great Mothers day gift!!! You can give yourself or tell your child or husband that this is just what you want!  This way you can have that relaxing afternoon with your girlfriends, all the while bidding on that purse that you just can not live without! 

Now just for you Kingstongirl fans if you buy at ticket you get a FREE PAWS Canvas tote that you can have at the event! Just mention that you are coming with Kingstongirl when you buy your tickets online at See you there!!!!

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