Wednesday, August 10, 2011

It has been a while. I am so sorry!!

Hey there friends,

I have to start off by saying how very sorry I am about not writing in such a big span of time. So many changes have been happening lately that trying to take anytime to think straight let alone take the much needed time to write.
Summer is always busy but never like this.

We lost our Sophie girl a few weeks ago. I wrote in one of my last posts about how much she meant to us and how badly she was doing. A few days after that post she jumped of the sofa when "hubs" got home from work, it hurt her so so much that she couldn't even walk. So we made the most painful choice we have ever made to put her to sleep. This completely distroyed me and "hubs."

The next day in a fog, my mom and I went to Target, on our way back to the car I tripped over a curb and fell flat on my face, hurting my right foot, couldn't walk, or put any weight on it. A small break is what the Dr. said it could have been.

We are moving in less the 10 days and we are not even half way done un packing. Tomorrow will be a very busy day.

Having some major family drama. The drama has turned me and my life upside down. I feel like we have been handed a bomb and then left to sit and wait until it blows up in all of our faces.

So please forgive me for not writing as often as I should. I feel lost and a little out of sorts. We can only hope that this will pass so fast. I am so done feeling so broken and so out for control.

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Maija said...

Hang in there honey! Things will get better!!!