Thursday, September 15, 2011

Sometimes you only have each other.

A few weeks ago some family drama emerged like a wreaking ball it destroyed some amazing relationships but what it didn't do is destroy my relationship with my husband it made us closer. The time I have been taking away from writing has been so that I could nest in our new home and snuggle closer to my husband.

My hub's works. A lot. I work. A lot.We are about to have two beautiful baby boys born in January, who will fill up a super amount of whatever little time we will have left. Add that to bills that keep showing up every month. A almost 40 year old home that needs to be up dated and made into the home that we will raise those boys and our family in, it never has a day go by that goes with out a creak or complaint and the typical everyday American life. 

I realize how much I miss the man that I get to proudly call my husband everyday. The vows of "to love and cherish." that keeps getting drowned down with the "payment due" or the truth of "living day by day and paycheck to paycheck to paycheck. " 

So with the ideas of what we want our home to look like especially the yard. "Hub's" and I started to plan the entire landscape DIY projects.  We have started this out by a weekend a month to work on it. I don't work outside of the home and don't really feel that once the babies are home and safe if we will be more of my job to work around the house. We will tackle the shed remodel ( I am making it into my get away room and craft area, I think)  I was thinking back to all the projects that we have done together in the past. I think back fondly to the project that we did in our back yard in our first home in Kingston. 
We did a beautiful patio. 

I knew that we were in trouble when it took the whole day to place stakes and string to start the perimeter.  I would love to rewind and watch the funny arguments between us. Like any husband and wife the banter back and fourth wouldn't be funny in the moment but looking back it would be funny now.  It was almost evening by the time the two of us started the strong willed of the two of us would keep that banter going for hours. Then over dinner and cocktails we discovered that we were going to take a few weeks to get the entire section done.  We made trip after trip with a half a dozen gallon buckets along with a few kitty litter boxes filled with dirt  to the dump, then back to the house to fill more dirt and then back to the dump.....over and over again we were able to do load after load. 

The hum of the road, wind blowing in our hair, sunshine pouring through the window and the heat  feeling so wonderful warming our skin for a few seconds.  If we were able to close our eyes we would have felt like we were on a mini vacation for a few seconds. By day 7 of our 2 day project we had laughed and enjoyed our time together laughing and joking that we were to be the next HGTV show leaving his real life job to become the landscapers that we have now become. 

We had gained so much more then a patio we gained a togetherness that we were so blessed to have been a part of.  Him+Me= family. So every so often we walk the property with a notebook & pen and jot down our honey do together list. Allowing us to dream big and plan that mini vacation of staying home and building our relationship and value of our home. 

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