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Feature Friday..... My good friend..... from Mac Kids..

I love this girl so much.!!! She is amazing and as a fellow blogger I have to say that she is great at what she does for out community. Diane is the kind of person that you instantly feel close with, I know that this is a friendship that I knew at our first time meeting we were going to be close friends for the rest of our lives. This lady is just wonderful and what she does in our community and the connection she has made in our community and encourages other to make within our community is just a little glimpse on how special she is and her love for our little piece of the world is just why I love her and I know after learning a bit more you will too! 
Macaroni Kid answers the age old question, “Mom, what are we going to do today?” 

We've become the go-to source for everything Kid and Family in Kitsap County. Parents from Bainbridge to Belfair, Port Orchard to Port Gamble are thanking us. Macaroni Kid is their new secret weapon for streamlining their hectic lives. We help them find out about the coolest events happening in the area for their kids. We scour the internet, the cities, social media, and newspapers, getting up early to bring parents, grandparents, teachers and others the most current and comprehensive event listings. We're helping them save time and money. But most importantly we're helping them to have fun with their family and friends. 

What was there before Macaroni Kid? Well, I can speak from experience. Since my youngest macaroni kid was a baby, I've been trying to find fun (and yes, mostly frugal) activities that were largely local (and only occasionally in Tacoma or Seattle). Back then, I was looking for baby signing classes for her and mommy groups for me. Over time it evolved into more activities with more frequency as I found location after location that had something cool and exciting that would be something great for a child to experience.

So, I found myself searching countless different websites, reading newspaper calendar sections,  grabbing directories at the doctor's office, reading every flyer on every bulletin board I passed, and talking to friends about places they went and fun ideas to do at home. 

Around this time last year, I saw Macaroni Kid national in a publication (it's been featured in “O Magazine,” “Redbook”, and “Scholastic Parent & Child”) and pulled up the website. From the national page, you can choose a state from a pulldown menu and see if there is a newsletter edition for your area. The closest one to Kitsap at that time was South Sound, so I signed up! I also saw the 'Become a Publisher Mom' button and clicked on it. The rest is history.

After several emails (because I had so many questions) to national headquarters and LOTS of thought, I knew deep down that being a MacKid Kitsap Editor & Publisher was an ideal fit. Heck, I was already doing all the work for my own family, so why not share it with others!? Plus, it would put my journalism degree to good use.
I've turned my passion for research and writing into a business. While I still maintain my 'day job' as a non-profit grant writer and (print) newsletter editor and designer, perhaps one day MacKid will be my only commitment beyond home and family. For now, I balance it all because I believe so fully in the vision set forth by the MacKid founders. 

Since the introduction of Macaroni Kid in the Hamptons in 2008, MacKid has branched into hundreds of other communities across the nation. Other mom (and a few dad!) editors and publishers have found the value and extraordinary power of Macaroni Kid.
MacKid remedies a problem. It saves parents time. It's the perfect avenue for organizations seeking to get the word out about their events and programs, and for businesses to make their products or services known to the parenting population in Kitsap County.
Remembering how important MacKid is to so many thousands of Kitsap residents keeps me motivated. I appreciate the feedback I've gotten online and at events from parents, grandparents, and teachers such as: 

"I love macaronikid because I have three young and busy boys and it's awesome to have a place to find activities inside out of the rain!"
-Hannah H., mom of 3 boys

"My favorite thing of Macaroni Kids is that I am a Grandparent and it gives me the opportunity to see what activities are happening best way from me to keep up to speed."
-Gloria C.

Military families, too! Macaroni Kid is the ideal resource for families that are transplanted somewhere new.

"Macaroni Kid has been such a gift to my family! We moved here just 4 months ago. When we get to a new area, we love to explore and see all the sights, but getting here (our first duty station on the West Coast) it was a little overwhelming findings things to do. A friend suggested Macaroni Kid, and now when I see the email, I get excited and begin planning our next outings!"
-Jodi U.

What was the world like before Macaroni Kid? It's like explaining to your kids the difference between a cassette tape and iPod. Either way, you get your music. One is just way more convenient, accessible, user-friendly, and holds more variety.
With one click of a mouse you can answer that dreaded age-old question – What ARE we going to do today?
Macaroni Kid is FREE and you get just 1 weekly email on Friday letting subscribers know the skinny on what's going on in Kitsap. Sign up for Macaroni Kid Kitsap now! 
(when you do tell them Kingstongirl sent you!)

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