Monday, February 27, 2012

Meet me Monday....

1. What's your favorite way to spend down time (alone or with a significant other)?

Wait what? What is this your speack of?  I'm not really sure what this "down time" thing is?  2 very very busy almost 4 month old babies and no sleep,  a part time job, a home, bills, big families, down time here.

I am looking forward to nighly habits. It's gonna be a walk in the evening after dinner, take our bath, read a few book's, brush toother pegs, pray, goodnight hugs, loves and kisses kind of habits..

However...every so often, we do have some downtime, if I'm alone, I like to cruise the Internet, read blogs, Twitter, etc. With the hubs? Talk, watch a movie, snuggle, dream and talk about the future kind of time.
We had a fun date night. Dinner. We haven't been out to a movie in so long, because we realized, we can't really catch up with each other in a movie theater, so we talked and laughed the other night over dinner and over buying toliet cleaner at Target. :)

We need another date night soon, it makes this crazy mommy feel a little less crazy.....A little.

2. Are you the kind of person that wants things more as soon as you know you can't have it?

The only reason why that would be a yes is if it was something I had to wait for. I hate to wait hate to wait...did I say that? Did you miss that....hate to wait. Wait for anything.

Waiting is so hard for me the not knowing an answer is the worst.... I really do stress out for the unknown, my head is hard to get to stop over thinking things, I care way to much what others think and I over think every little thing that I have no control of. Hate it. One day I hope I am care free. Now I sit and worry about the boys. My mom said this is what being a mommy feels like. Oh how I love my boys and love the fact that God has graced me with letting me be their mommy. What a great gift I have been given.

3. If you were given $1000 to spend on yourself, what would you buy?

my first reaction would be for me to go and buy the new swing set at Costco for the boys to play with. No they wont be able to use it right now but over time they would be able to swing and play and grow....

SO that really wouldn't be just for me so after then for me I would buy .......

The Nikon D40 camera..I just love this camera and it is my goal to buy this and take a zillion pictures of my beautiful baby boys.

4. Do you ever go out to eat by yourself?

UGH. I HATE eating out by myself. HATE it. Now that I have my i-phone I don't mind it so terribly much, but I still don't prefer it.

I'd much rather eat in my car than have people looking at me in pity because surely I'm so unlikable that no one can bear to even eat with me. If you make me, I will...but it's certainly not something I choose to do!

5. What company would you want to do a blog review for?

I would love to do a blog review on Disney, disney vacations maybe visit all the parks and cruise ships that they own! Now that would be a wonderful review. I think that it would be Ah-May-ZING! I would be able to write the best travel reviews of my life through this company. Also it would be amazing to work for them full time doing anything..........It truly is the best and happiest place on earth.

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