Thursday, May 31, 2012

Do you ever want to run away?

I have been feeling like I just need to run away. Not from my family, to my family. Not from my friends but to start fresh, I had a ton of people that viewed my blog. Now the amount of people are down a little bit. Do I let this one go and start another one filled with things I am into now? Do I re-vamp this and go from there instead?

I don't feel like I can leave this completely. I love to write, I love to blog. I love the community of blogging. I loved the direction that writing was bringing me and where it brought me. Now I have to figure it out. I waited to blog untill I got the boys home, then I waited until things settled down. Now I am getting in the swing of things and slowly starting to find my way back to writing.

I never know where I will go or where my writing will take me. I would just like to try and figure it out. I need something that the boys can look back on and read and be proud of me for.
I use to write about great places I traveld to and events I was part of. I want to do this but center this around being a parent. If you read my blog I would love to hear your thoughts.

I have to find a direction and hopefully do it soon. What do you like to read? What would you rather not have to read?


Sensaria Spa Place with Tracey said...

Writing tells us about life and life is like the ocean and seasons. They are forever changing with time and so are you! Write for you, write for your family, write for us your readers and as the seasons come and go so will words and thoughts. As you write, some will follow and some will feel the waves of time just as the waves lay themselves upon the shores for others to embrace. Write, love it, live it, embrace it. We all love Kingston Girl...YOU!! Tracey L.

Karla Curington said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog!! I'd love to hear all about your "mommy of twins" moments. My girls just turned two, so we are in the middle of potty least I hope I'm at least in the middle!!! Congratulations on your bundles of joy - being of mommy of twins is a ton of fun...and it gets better! :)

Senseless Spectacle said...

I relate a lot to this post. Often I feel like running away, sadly that feeling has included members of my family lately. And I find I get impatient with my writing. I can quickly get unmotivated if I don't get that instant gratification. Just because your views are down a bit doesn't mean you should give it up - heck, I just found it!

And don't worry about your boys being proud of you. You are going to do so much in their lives for them to love you for and to be proud of - writing is just one of them. As long as you're following your heart and teaching them to do the same you'll all have something to be proud of.

If you've really got the bug in you to change I'd go with the revamp idea. Everyone needs a make-over once in a while so it stands to reason your blog would too. If you can't figure out the end destination in your writing it's because it hasn't been decided. Writing takes us on a journey - often leading us to places we never expected. So just focus on the moment, on today, and write what your heart tells you. Eventually, you'll find your path.

At least that's what I keep telling myself!