Monday, October 19, 2015

Getting ready for the holidays... This Friday will be our 9 week count down.

Getting deals for the holidays.......

The holidays are drawing near and every week, I will try and give you one good deal on Mondays to help you be a thrift shopper. 

The holidays shouldn't be so stressful, we shouldn't try and kill ourselves over them and spend all our money trying to compete with the Jones's. 
Who are these people anyway?...

I love the pintrest post about getting meaning back to the holiday season....
4 gift for each child.
1) Something to read.
2) Something to wear.
3) Something to they want.
4) Something they need.

So here is something that will help get you the something to wear.....

Calling all Gymbree fans you are going to love this sale!! Right now at Gymboree you can get a whopping 40% off everything sitewide!!! Plus all clearance is 50% off!! This is going to make for STEALS on super cute kids clothing!

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