Sunday, May 2, 2010

Ahhh the end or the start of a new week?

Is today the day that we end a week or start a new one? Do we plan the upcoming week or do we reflect on the past week?  Today I am going to a little of both.  The past week was so busy but so fun. I was able to go and meet some great people in business at a networking event on Tuesday. Seeing the pride and excitement of local business owners was so refreshing.  I met a few people that I know I will be doing some reviews and checking out what they do and what they have to offer.  A few of the women I met are going to be good friends. Do you ever meet someone and you are like WOW! we are going to be really good friends. I have and I did get that feeling for three of the ladies I met that day.   In fact this coming up week I am meeting and reviewing her business on Tuesday and I couldn't be happier.  I am going to go early just so we can talk and visit and really get to know one another.

When I first started to blog and write for the paper I knew what I wanted it to be like but I didn't think it would get the response that it has gotten. My first article was in the paper. I did my first public reviews for this blog on three businesses and I have been asked and I have asked other places if I can review for them.  It is so great to see and do new things that will help others go out and try it because I reviewed it first. I know that before I was doing this I wanted to go to places a lot of the time just because word of mouth told me that it was a good place to stay a great place to eat or a good deal for a service. I like someone else to test the waters to make sure it would be something that I would like and not waste my money on. I think more and more people are doing this because our money need to go further and we want to take less of a chance to spend it.

Now the upcoming week...... Cleaning up after the Hubs & Fur babies...

Some people say that " you can’t keep your house clean" &  "there just aren’t enough hours or enough hands to get everything done"  Well I have tried to think that and it can go maybe a day at the longest 48 hours but really it makes my skin start to crawl and then it hits me. Those of you that know me know that I am an OCD neat freak.  How I wish I could be like my friends and family and not have it bother me so much, but it does. I know everyone has their own things....

But here are my things:

1. Vacuum.  I vacuum at least twice a week. If I don’t, our carpet looks yukie & I really hate it when the stairs get bad so I do them twice a week as well.

2. Kitchen counters. I cannot stand having dishes and clutter all over the kitchen counters. After crawling in bed for the night, I will get up again if I realize there’s junk on the kitchen counter that needs to be put away. This goes for dishes in the sink, too. Can’t stand to leave them there. I hate when I wake up after knowing that all are done and their are dishes from the hubs left over Kitchen mess from his breakfast. REALLY?!?

3. Bathroom counter/sink. I clean off our counter nearly every day, putting things away and straightening up. If it’s cluttered, it takes me twice as long to get ready, I wash my shower when I am in it naked with gloves and comet I bet that is healthy.  I use an old tooth brush to clean the sink and baby oil to make the metal in the shower stay looking clean. It is an old house cleaners trick.  Hub's has one bathroom to himself and he tries to keep it good. I try hard to cut him some slack but I know that when I say If its yellow be mellow if its brown flush her down... but really when the yellow stings your nose when you walk in it is no longer mellow!?!

I guess you can say that I don’t like clutter, dirt, messes, My Scentsy burners have to be going I have one in the family room, kitchen, livingroom, Hubs bathroom, master bedroom/bath. I also have candles on in the evening or when it is rainy and yukie outside.  SO with that said my Sunday is fastly flying by so I better get off here and do some of my OCD work! :) Hope you had a great past week and wonderful weekend.

Lots of new things coming up this week so stay tuned! :)


Shanna said...

Dropping in to say hello! Have a good week.

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I gave your blog an award! Go check it out:)

Deana said...

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Thanks! How did you find my blog? :o) Where is Meet Me Mondays?