Friday, June 11, 2010

Catch up... Thankful Thurssday! Skipping Trip on a tank this week :(

Well I love Thursday's because they are the day's that I do the post of what I am thankful for.                 My Husband.
He is my Rock.

     He never asks any questions even when I call him up and start the Sentence                                         
"Babe can I get this?" I love how he works so hard for us. He will never know how much  
He Means to me. 
When we were both working  I was able to be in control and never truly got the fact that I could lean on him 100%. 
Now that I do I can't even explain in words how much I love him. The Idea of being able to grow old with him...
         To be married to my very best friend.           
what a great life I have with him.
He isn't told enough what a great guy he is. 
So good looking and so very sweet. 
He makes me laugh daily & helps me become a better person every day.
So today I am Thankful t
hat I get to be his Mrs. That I never have to date again or worry if this is the right guy! Cause I got him and I am hanging on to the best thing that has every happened to me or my family for that mater! I know that we are not all lovey dovey every day that we still get on one another's nerves but we don't go to sleep Mad. We never leave the house without saying I LOVE YOU. & we hold hands every night while we sleep! 

I am Blessed to have this Guy to call my "Hub's" and I look forward to many more adventures.......................with him..

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Jennifer said...

Great post!! I just wanted to let you know that i left you a special award on my blog!

Jennifer @ Life with the Lebedas