Tuesday, July 13, 2010

July's blog challenge from bloggy mom's.

July blog challenge : What I want to be when I grow up.

This has changed from many different things while I was growing up. I know one thing that has never changed is the fact that when playing and dreaming of what  I wanted my future to be, It was the role of mother & wife, That is the one thing that has never changed.  I still want to be the best wife, which I try to be every day & I wait everyday to become a Mom. No matter what has happened no matter how tough times can be... I never go to sleep at night with out one prayer... Dear Lord make me a Mommy.

Over the years in school I wanted to be an actress, but I could never remember any lines.... a country singer but my highschool choir teacher said I had no talent. I beg to differ because I know I have talent still........ but because of this lady I can't sing in public anymore like year ago that I loved so much to do.

Then I had another teacher that lifted me up and showed me that my writing was important and I had a gift to write and it took me a long while as an adult to realize that I do have a gift and a passion to write.  I just started writing my first book I am so super excited to live my dream. I hope it will bring us to making my other dream come true. The adoption of our child.

At this time I am doing something that fills a void and makes me happy, I nanny a sweet little one we call her Buggie. Buggie is a joy to watch and I have had the roll as her nanny for a year and this job couldn't make me happier.

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