Sunday, January 2, 2011

Challenge two!

Blogging challenge 2....... Sunday, January 2, 2011

The 2011 To - Do List
What would you like to accomplish this year?  What are the places you would like to visit in 2011?  What do you hope to check off your bucket list in 2011?

Here are a few things off my bucket list. I know that I did this a week or so ago for 101 in three years. Well mine as well use a few of those ideas. 

One. I would love to clean the garage top to bottom make it sparkle and shine. With out the hubs having to help me so when he drives in he can be be blown away! 

Two. Host a dinner party for a few close friends, a few of our favorite couples or just a hand full of my best girl friends. 

Three: Spend my next (34th) birthday in Las Vegas with the same couples that I have over for the dinner party... or just the girlfriends for a girls trip! 

Four: Take a photo of every places we have lived then put it in a photo book and give it to the "Hub's" for our 9th anniversary! We have moved alot so it will be a big picture book!!

Five: Have my own weekly radio show! 

Six: Go to the movies all by myself. 

Seven: Make and ride in 15 parades this year! 

Eight:  Make and sell things on Etsy! :) 

Nine: Become a Chamber member for 10 towns.

Ten: Be women of the year!! 

eleven:  Become a Mommy! 

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