Sunday, January 2, 2011

Well I just love blog challenges and I found one from the Blog dare on Bloggy Mom's! It is always fun to keep the creative train a going so I am going to play catch up on this fun blog dare! 

So here is the first two posts that I am needing to get updated on. Saturday, January 1, 2011

What is your resolution for 2011?  Do you often make a resolution and not keep it?  What is the longest you have kept a New Years resolution?  What is your most often chosen New Years resolution?  What do you think about New Years resolutions?

Wow! This is a tough one to do there are so many goals both personally and professionally. I will try to be brief but bare with me for a second. 

I always say I am going to stop drinking diet coke. Cross it off my list and save that money for something else. I think that I am going to stick with it and the longest it has lasted is 16 days... then like a plane zooming faster and faster towards the earth until it crashes like a giant big ball of flames, that is me...... plus have you ever had that headache that goes with the stopping of drinking diet coke? I would rather be hit smack in the forehead with a freaking hammer. Although it makes it on my list every year. 

I want to make sure that I get my books ( I have 5 I am writing at one time. 3 are travel books.) I would like to have this done by my anniversary May 20th! 

Work on myself daily. Mind, body & spirit. In 2011 I want to become the person my "fur babies" think I am. Nothing in the world will love you more then your four legged family member. 

Do fun Kingstongirl events and truly do whatever I can to make sure that my Kingstongirl brand is four times more known. 

Not to put things off for tomorrow! I need to use my office and take the office hours and when I leave that room I am done with writing, reading and working. At the point I work on things for Kingstogirl from the time I get up to the time I go to bed. Only logging off cyber space when "Hub's" wants to use it to check his facebook. I give him an hour, then I start itching for the computer back. 

I want to make the friendship's that I have that much richer. Taking time to really let them know how much they mean to me. I am blessed to have them, they are the ones that make me a better person. 

I will stop having to be in control all the time & start remembering what "Hub's" always tells me. No matter what everything seems to have a way to work itself out. He is right and it seems like it always does. I also want to stop nagging! I do that to much. :) 

I want to make sure that I am more calm, I want to be a better wife. I know that I can improve on talking less listening more, tell him that I love him and how much his hard work pays off. In a time when two people have to work to make a house hold run, he not only let's me stay home and not work outside the house. Always telling me how proud he is that I get to be a freelance writer and a hotel reviewer. Telling me that he just loves to read my articles in the local newspaper then showing it to anyone and everyone around. 

Traveling more and more and seeing some more fab places. Also making sure that I make great new connections. 

I believe that this year is going to be the best year of my life. The ride is going to be wild and I can't wait to have you in the passenger seat in my little road trip! Oh and I am sorry if this makes you gag! 

Or that you are sick of hearing about it but..................................... I can not wait to be a mama! This is the year that it is going to happen. Can't get much better then that. 

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