Wednesday, February 23, 2011

52 goals....

Check this out from two blogs I have fallen in love with, A peak at Karen' world. & Cheap Therapy,
this is what they came up with,  This is right off of Cheap Therapy's blog and it is such a great idea, I would love for all of you to do this. 

"Let me poorly introduce you to PROJECT 52.  No, it has nothing to do with alien research or government issues.  It has everything to do with goal making and dream chasing.  Karen and I have committed to making 52 goals for 2011 and to work our way through it all, one week at a time. 

"I know.  We are crazy.  But wait, it gets better. We want you to join in on the fun!  We're going to bribe you with really great giveaways and other fun things. The greatest thing is you don't have to 52 things.  Only me and Karen.  You can do as many or as few as you want. So now who is with me (other then Karen)"

& now me too! 


1.  Write a real letter one time a month & send it in the snail mail. It is a lost art.
2.  read more books.
3. Go to a book club
4. Get a passport for hubs and I.
5.  Get things on our credit cleared off.
6.  Re-decorate the guest room.
7. Re decorate my office & TV room.
8. Re decorate and have a grown up bedroom.
9.  Travel to new places.
10.  Join Gym & go three days a week.
11. Plant a flower garden for beautiful summer bouquets
12. open and etsy store.
13. plant a garden.
14. Craft more often.
15. Get all my pictures printed and scrapbooked.
16. re do my tupperware cupboard.
17. Attend a blog conference.
18. Meet more bloggers.
19. Reach 500 followers and throw a big giveaway.
20. Dive into my book and really get it going.
 21. Find an new editor & if I have to self publish my book.
22. Host a dinner party.
23. Have many summer BBQ's.
24. Host a Kingstongirl event monthly (2/12)
25. Have a 1 year anniversary party in April!
26. Make an appointment with a life coach...get direction.
27. Cook a meal a few meals a week.
28.  Learn french for conversation. Call my 5 year old nephew who is learning it as well and use it with him.
29. Do more blog posts again.
30. Take a dance lesson.
31.  Take a picnic with the Hubs.
32. Visit the San Jaun Islands.
33. Take a creative writing class.
34.  Go to the dentist!
35.  Try Zumba
36.  loose 30 lbs.
37. Stop drinking diet coke.
38.  Be more of a loving wife to hub's
39. create & live on a budget
40. pick one day a week to do all the cleaning on ( so don't have to do more the that)
41. watch all the star wars movies from start to finish in one day.
42. Do yoga again.
43. Meditate daily
44. Stop saving so much crap.
45.Spend less time daily on Facebook
46.  Set business hours and days off & stick to it.
47. Have a baby
48. create a weekly menu and eat out less
49.  step it up with following through on things.
50.  Go and visit my grandparents more often then I do.
51.  make my evenings less stressful and go to sleep at a good time like 10ish!
52. make an appointment for an accountant. 

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Karen Peterson said...

This is a fantastic list!

Thanks so much for joining us!