Saturday, May 28, 2011

Looking forward to many things this summer!!

Happy Memorial day weekend!!! 

Wow! Things are going so very fast this year. I know that this is normal but crap! I'm doing so many reviews for hotels and Inn's. Making connections. Everyday it becomes clearer what I need to do, the direction that Kingstongirl is needing to go. I need to settle into on direction.  

If you don't read this blog very often, in my personal life we are expecting twins!! They are due in January. ( Click on the waiting for baby G link on top if you would like to read more about this journey) 
So with that coming I have to be complete in the direction of where I am going. I know that I want to continue to travel and do get together for Girls nights, movie nights, ribbon cuttings and just anything that will help get the people out that need help getting to know each other and others businesses.

What are you looking forward to for summer??? This is the weekend I feel like Summer has began. It goes quick so make sure you take the time to sit and soak it in.  Here are a few things I am looking forward too this summer. 

$ The fourth of July! 
We start to celebrate it on the 3rd with the fireworks down town Poulsbo. We have a hidden spot to watch it and they are always amazing! The next day we get up & go to down town Kingston, grab a spot and watch the parade! It is something I have done my entire life. I have missed a few and it really doesn't seem like the 4th of July without it. After that a family BBQ & that night back to Kingston to watch the fireworks there! I might try to do a BBQ here that day! <
My birthday!!!! 
I will be celebrating my birthday on July 6th! 
I love my birthday!
 with the "Hubs" he has me celebrate for an entire week! 
It is always so much fun & I'm looking forward to it.
hoping that we can do something
 really special this year! 
Going on 
lovely bike rides all summer long!
            #Hint hint honey I need a bike for my birthday!# 
                       #Go to the Drive-in#
                  Shop at the local farmers markets
                  Spending many hours lazy in bed!
                    Going Camping with the "Hub's"
          filling my house with beautiful summer flowers!
               Picnics on hot summer nights with the
                     "Hubs" Stealing kisses

                       I will be writing my books!
              praying I get done by the end of September!
                    I will let my inner child Play!
                     I will read a book a week!!!
                         I'm a super slow reader 
                 but will do what I can to do this goal!
                 I will journal and document this summer.
                   Spend a day at the local fair!                                
 I will enjoy the beautiful blue skies!  
Spending lots of Long warm days at the Beach!!
  ; Building sand castles!  
 Maybe some more kisses!!
 Blow bubbles!
                     End a hot summer night
               Sleeping under the star filled sky!   
Travel as much as I can!    


Alexis AKA MOM said...

You find the best pictures!!! I want to do all of those things!

Mizzreviewlady said...

Our tradition for the past ten years has been to go to the rental(a rental house that my little sis and I have lived in off and on for ten years)we bbq and have my uncle and parents over. it all started ten years ago when my grandpa sent us to get fireworks and it became a tradition. he passed away in 2006 and he owned both houses(they are on the market and still havent sold) so we are still able to go there for fireworks and bbq! When I was younger we use to go to my uncles house on his deck roof and we would watch the huge fireworks from cal expo. For about three years when I was younger we would go to the rental and a mexican family lived there. THey would have a huge display of illigal fireworks! When the rental sells we will have to find a new 4th of july tradition.

MikiHope said...

I will be working as usual all summer long--but I will be taking time off on the weekends to smell the flowers and just relax!!!
I am following you back from the Alexa Hop!!

Michele aka MikiHope

Mom Daughter Style said...

advance happy bday!

im your new follower from the blog hop