Sunday, September 6, 2015

Meet Me Monday....

Instead of the regular MMM, let's do a summer recap on where we went and what kept us super busy! 
So many things happened during this amazing beautiful summer we were all able to enjoy!  Our family went on our first vacation to the Ocean. We spent three nights in Long beach, and then a few nights at Ocean shores. We played on the beach, went on a few day trips to Seaside, Astoria, and Cannon Beach.  Each visit needed at the ocean. It was a fun and lazy way to pass the time. 
The three of us had several fun playdates with friends. B man showed us at many of them that he would rather be away in the car then be with friends playing! He had a full summer of OT and now we start speech for him as well in a few weeks. Bman is really starting to flourish with all the extra help he is getting. Then there is Franky and he even did his first team sport, of course it had to be T ball! He loved it so much and showed that he will be in sports with the same love and passion his daddy and Papa have.... He is asking to go into swim lessons and we are looking into it for something extra for him to do outside of school. 
We moved to a fab home we will be able to enjoy for years to come. Its what I  call my sweet home my sweet country beach house. Its so amazing. I enjoy it and will be blogging a lot about the new adventures and DIY's and before and afters... 
I have some very fun things coming up and one of the things I am getting set to do is more hotel reviews! EEEK! Venue reviews and back in the swing of things for talking up events and things to do and places to go!!! .  I will be working with the local newspaper again as well. Exciting things for this girl right here!  

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